Saturday, February 19, 2011 | By: Lynny Prince

A New Day Dawns

This morning dawned with a muted sunrise that lit the world with a positive light, regardless of whether I thought it was sufficient or not. The horizon became lighter and lighter, and tho the sun did not shine outright, I knew it lay just beyond the clouds that covered it in their loving embrace. I knew the sun was up and shining despite what I could see with my own eyes. A promise from our Creator that that gift is always there and has been for as long as anyone can remember.

And so it is with this path I am on. This movie is not an easy one to make. There have been numerous setbacks and personal tragedies that I won't go into here, however, its such an important story that all those involved will not allow anyone or anything to get in the way of the ultimate goal- to make a movie that tells the story of how the west was won by the Sioux.

Time and again the spirits have shown us all that they are the ones who are telling this story, that the Tunkasilas are hearing our prayers and answering them at the will of our Creator. Even no answer is an answer.

We are small. We are pitiful. We are significant beings smack dab in the middle of a spiritual experience that is taking us all to new heights. The pitfalls and personal dilemmas are numerous, but where would we all be without the guidance of the spirits right now? Locked in a mindset of despair? The spirits are here. They are real. They are guiding us all, in every minute of our lives. Pray to them. Set out food for them. Acknowledge them. They are your relatives, your people. With their help, I know I can do anything, and so can you.

As a writer, I am expected to put into words what others can't, or what they wish they could, say. And so it is with Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller.  I have heard from so many who have read it, that it touched their lives in a profound way and that the spirits that I've written about have shown many of you that they are real. The characters, save Ghostkiller, are supposedly fictitious, but they are real, as well.

I am Kyle Ghostkiller. I am Father Wilson O'Rourke. I am Mason Crow Walker, I am Chase Riley and I am Nina Bolton Ghostkiller. To know me and my struggles, know them, because I have felt everything they feel. It's an awesome journey, friends. Glad you are all along for the ride.


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