Thursday, July 18, 2013 | By: Lynny Prince

Publisher in the shadows?

Hello blogger friends,


I received an exciting email the other day; after querying the publisher who published my friend's novel, I was delighted to get a positive email back from them. 

 I am hopeful that this is the answer I've been praying for. Having a publisher will legitimize everything I have worked so hard for. They will be publishing the second book in the Ghostkiller Trilogy, Scattered Leaves: Beyond the Legend, should they decide to take a risk on me. Keeping my fingers crossed! 

Meanwhile, I have yet another book in the works. Some of you expressed interest when I asked if you would be interested in an erotic novel. I do have one that I started a few years back, and it now has a name: Details on Undoing the Laces will be announced soon.  Here's the short synopsis:

Erica North wasn't looking for trouble that hot summer night in 1969, but after a fight with her boyfriend left her stranded in the worst part of town, she soon found herself in terrible danger. The no-good womanizer had cheated on her for the last time, and her screams of rage had brought unwanted attention to them both. Justice was served at the end of a knife that dark night, which left Erica as the only witness to the murder. Fearing for her life, she was rescued by would-be hero Wren Black at the last minute. Never in her wildest dreams did Erica imagine she would get out alive, much less be rescued by a man who seemed to know all of her deep, dark secrets. Erica soon discovered that Wren's only mission seemed to be to fulfill them. But at what cost? Was Wren, in fact, the murderer?

It's short and sweet today!  Have lots to do and little time to do it in. Have a great day everyone!

Tl next time, I wish you love, peace and frybread grease!


Lorraine Carey said...

I can only say that I am excited to read the sequel to Scattered Leaves and the upcoming, Undoing the Laces. Lynny is a master at writing a variety of genres. Her vivid descriptions in Scattered Leaves only tells me the sex scenes are going to be On Fire in this upcoming Erotica novel.

Tracy Krauss said...

Sounds very intriguing

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