Thursday, June 30, 2011 | By: Lynny Prince

There are two sides to every story.....

Hello blogger fans,

The subject line of this blog reflects what I have been going through these past two months. Much turmoil mixed with realization that has awakened my spirit even more. I give thanks everyday for the lessons I am learning and the ways in which our Creator guides me and blesses me. I could not do anything without the guidance of the Tunkasilas and the Creator, nor would I even try.

So, the subject line became the opener for my NEWEST VIDEO which promotes the book, Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller. I love this video and had the honor of shooting in my ancestors neck of the woods. Footage shot on location was great fun, but this video doesn't contain the best footage....that comes later and you'll just have to stay tuned to see where it shows up!

I sent out an important update on the mailing list this morning, and I hope you're on it. If not, please sign up here. There will be many updates in the coming months, so you'll want to be updated, I'm sure. If you're following my blog, you most certainly must be a fan! (or a stalker, and if that's the case, please state it on the sign up sheet so I'll be sure to leave you off the mailing list lol)

I've hired someone to take care of my Facebook pages. A "social net worker," but don't worry, I will still occasionally post myself and personal messages will be brought to my attention, too, so I'm still accessible. I am simply much too busy now to maintain everything myself. This is a GOOD thing! Please remember to sign up on the mailing list, because there will be news exclusively for you that will not appear here.

I hope you are all having an incredible summer and I'll post again soon!

Love, peace and many blessings on you from our Creator!

Lynny Prince  


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