Friday, January 21, 2011 | By: Lynny Prince

Happy New Year!

Wow, is it 2011 already? Seems Christmas was just yesterday....

There's new information coming in, in regards to the Dakota 38; letters were discovered that were written from the prison before the hangings in Mankato that paint a stark picture about this dark time in American history. Make no mistake, this was the largest mass execution in United States history, and there probably would have been more hanged that day, but Abraham Lincoln commuted most of the sentences to prison time. Some say it was because he didn't want to give America a bad name to the European countries, but I'm no one to judge that. I'm no one to judge anything. I'm just a writer who wrote about it all. Which brings me to the next order of business.

I have my fingers in all kinda pies these days, but what better way to educate myself? And really, that's what we are doing when we research. As you all know, I am working on the second book now, and researching The Trail of Tears. This research is just as upsetting because some of the stories I am reading about are horrific, much like the horrific ones I read in my earlier research in regards to the Sioux. Terrible, tragic stories of death and destruction, genocide and heartbreak. I am looking forward to finding the ones that address the survival stories, for this is something I can really relate to.

I am a survivor myself. We all are survivors, whether it be childhood horrors, relationship fiascoes, financial blunders or self-inflicted anomalies, we survive. We have to! Its in our DNA to be survivors so it makes sense that we fight to survive. I don't try to pretend to know how much my ancestors suffered on the Trail of Tears, but I do know that they did. They faced things that I pray our generations down the line will never have to face!

I'll post a few lines from the new book soon....have to give you all something to whet your appetite, after all! It is shaping up to be a great read and I want to thank all of you again for your support! You are the ones who can make or break the success of these books and I never forget that!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Love, peace and frybread grease,