Tuesday, April 18, 2017 | By: Lynny Prince

Derby Time and the eBooks are FREE, FREE, FREE!!

Hello reader relatives!

Derby is almost here, and in my town, that means a huge crowd of beautiful people will be coming to my town to see the greatest two minutes in sports! It is such a happy time around here - great food, great music, huge parties, celebrities, it's all here, like a mini Hollywood gala!

While all that is super exciting, I have never been to Churchill Downs during the Derby LOL.  In fact, I've only been to the track to film movies or go to the museum with my grandkids. I stopped going near the place after Central Avenue was cancelled.

What is Central Avenue, you ask? Only the greatest block party you never heard of!! (unless you're local)

You see, there used to be an unpublicized event on Derby Eve that never really had an official name. We would just ask each other "Are you going to Central Avenue?"

Back in the day, before Central Avenue was the huge 4 lane road it is now, long before that whole area was reconstructed, Central Avenue was just a small two-lane street lined with houses. (with the exception of the part of the block where the track sits.) Every Derby Eve, Central Avenue turned into a street party. The road was blocked, everyone dressed up, it was BYOB, and everyone had a great time. The cops never bothered anyone. They patrolled the street, walking in groups, chatting with folks. People pulled wagons filled with beer or kegs, openly smoked joints, laughed, sang on street corners, we had FUN even without doing any drinking or smoking. It was a reunion type of event....you could run into people you had not seen is years there. (Which could be good or bad depending on your circumstances LOL)

Soon, vendors began to set up every year, so you could go and buy the usual junk food and trinkets: hotdogs, funnel cakes, blow up horses, neon necklaces, derby balloons; it was a family friendly event until after dark, then the party-ers really came out in droves but even then, there weren't many incidents there. An occasional drunk would get out of hand and have to be taken to the tank, but otherwise, it was just a lot of fun. I remember towards the end of Central Avenue's reign, there was a stabbing late one night. The person lived but it really put a damper on the unofficial event. After that, it seemed things started to go downhill. Then the whole area was under construction and before we knew it, Central Avenue block party was a thing of the past.

Ah, memories! All this aside, I still get excited about Derby. It is still a great time in my town. There are still places to get great outdoor food, hear great music, and have a wonderful time. Out of towners always have great things to say about their experiences here. I'm playing a Derby party this year myself (with my band Dirty Dollz and the Tyrants) On top of that, I am super excited to be having a giveaway coming up Derby week; Beginning May 1, I am giving away TWO eBooks!

Giveaway! Giveaway! 

For 5 full days, you will be able to get Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller and Talking to Ghosts for FREE! 
Scattered Leaves is the first in the Ghostkiller Trilogy series. Books II and III are being written now for a future release.

Talking to Ghosts is filled with my experiences with the supernatural with PICTURES of ghosts I've personally captured on film. I cannot WAIT for you to see those photos and get your reaction!!

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I hope you all have a great Derby week no matter how you celebrate it! For me, it's back to writing!

Til next time,
<3 LP <3
Thursday, April 06, 2017 | By: Lynny Prince

Free promotion coming up!

Hello friends,

Well, it's been a busy spring break! I didn't get anything done that I wanted to do, but have moved forward with the books I'm working on in some respects!

For one, I am having a HUGE giveaway really soon! April 17 - 20 will be giveaway week! For 5 days, Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller and Talking to Ghosts will be FREE for all ereaders! Kindle, Nook, iPad, Tablet, whatever you have you will be able to download them BOTH.

I am doing this as a part of a promotion in preparation of the two sequels I am working on.
Both Talking to Ghosts and Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller have sequels.

Scattered Leaves: Beyond the Legend has been in the works for 9 long years. It's been a long process because I wasn't sure how I wanted to story to end. I wasn't sure what they really accomplished, what they still had to do or why. I've been working on a lot of things to flesh out the characters, too. I've learned a lot since the first release in 2008! Plus, the movie adaptation took a couple of years to complete. All in good time, though....

Talking to Ghosts II is another book of TRUE stories guaranteed to leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end!

This book will include stories from other family members who have experienced things that go bump in the night. Fun times LOL!

From scary clowns my kids saw in our house, to floating apparitions making pictures fall off the walls, this book has it all.

I hope you're ready!

Meantime, get these first two versions while they are FREE by signing up on my mailing list to be notified when it starts!

Can't wait for you to read them!

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Sunday, April 02, 2017 | By: Lynny Prince

Spring Break~ what to do? Day Zero

Sooooooooo it's spring break! What are your plans?

I just waved goodbye to 4 of my grandkids who are off on an adventure of their own. I know I will worry the entire time they are gone, but I do plan to keep busy.


You see, we are a two family household, so the hours I could spend writing are few and far between.
Between our camp at Standing Rock October - January, writing music, and running our organization, I hardly have time to breathe. But I wouldn't change a thing about my life!

Currently, my husband and I are trying to paint our bedroom. (I say trying because we are both laid up with back issues) What started it all was an old heater in the bedroom closet we wanted to get rid of. We removed the closet and heater selling the heater for scrap. What a difference it made in the room!

What's cool is that inside that closet was an old chimney that was exposed once the closet was gone. After a lot of scraping and scrubbing the walls, it's ready for the next phase. We are getting creative on a $0 budget - my fav way to get creative - the possibilities are limited only by my imagination!

This isn't a big project, and we have a lot of leftover paint from other projects. We also wanna be sure to fung shui it just right LOL

Top left: Closet door was to immediate left when walking into the room. (white doorframe)
Above: Closet wall with vent covered up. (see Matt peeking around the corner on the right heehee)
We covered the vent when we first moved in to prevent drafts.
This closet held the old kerosene whole-house heater that had not been used in probably 30 years.

This is how it looks after it was all taken out. (After a bit of scrubbing. It was really black with soot)

Here it is after painting the chimney white and scrubbing the walls and ceiling down. (old soot would NOT come off)

I left some of the old brick and the different colors exposed - I love the look.

I am anxious to get the room done and put back together. We can't move any furniture out of the room (because of our backs), but are scooting stuff around. Might be a slower way of doing things but that's okay! The hole in the middle of the chimney will be covered up with something...not sure what yet. A hand drum, painted moon? Any ideas you might have, leave a comment!

Our plan is to create a wall of wood slats around the chimney like this one. If it happens.... I'm ready to just paint it all and be done at this point lol

The wood we have is not different colors like this one...it is all gray, but I am thinking of dry brushing it with light colors to brighten up the room. We have those long, skinny windows that do not allow much light in. I long to just tear a wall out of this old place and replace it with all glass!

Look for more pics soon!

So, between this and the week of writing I have planned, I hope to have a manuscript to send off to my editor by weeks end. Wish me luck! I always have 10 projects going at once....haha!

If you have ever done one of these wood walls, please leave me a comment with details or a photo - I'd love to see it!

I'll post any progress we make in the next week here, so stay tuned!

Love, peace and frybread grease!