Saturday, July 29, 2017 | By: Lynny Prince

Summer News!

Hi everyone! I hope your summer is going great so far!

I have been very busy and just returned from a two week trip to Texas, where we took part in filming a documentary called "Shattering Sacred Ground",  a very important story about how fracking is destroying West Texas and the beautiful natural springs there. I encourage each and every one of you to visit the website to learn more about this incredibly important film.

Fracking is affecting us all in this country, no matter where you live, I promise you there is something going on in your state. Fracking, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, it is happening all over this country. Notices are placed in the newspaper for permits these companies file for, so I encourage you to look in your local paper to see what is being done in your state.

Another important story we were a  part of is "Their Last Ride", a documentary that tells the story of the horses that pass down Hwy. 17 on their last ride to slaughter plants in Mexico. I am thrilled to tell you that a song I wrote will be featured in this film, and I am very excited about that! Please visit that site to check out this important film.

We had a great time while there in Texas, and as it turns out a musician friend of mine was two hours away from us and came down to participate in the documentaries. Our "Drumming for Awareness" (I coined that phrase lol)  was a hit and two more drummers showed up to drum in the desert, as well!
All in all, it was an incredible trip and we were thrilled to be a part of it all!

Hope your summer is going's almost over already and you know what that's almost time for HALLOWEEN!

Til next time, enjoy the rest of your summer!

Peace and love!

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Saturday, July 08, 2017 | By: Lynny Prince

Happy Summer!

Hello again everybody!
I hope you are enjoying your summer so far! We are super busy, but I wanted to pop in to give a brief run down on how the writing is going. 

This past week, I have been working fast and furiously on the second book in the Ghostkiller Trilogy. Scattered Leaves: Beyond the Legend is getting closer to completion at last! I am simultaneously writing the third installment so it won't be such a long wait for the last one. 

I am also working on A Hollywood Haunting, the story about the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. It is an exciting story and I am really having fun with it. It may end up being a novella instead of a full-length novel, but you'll enjoy it, either way, I think! I also might create a new series out of this, as the character Shailmar Capri seems to run into ghosts with unfinished business everywhere she goes! We shall see about the series, though! 

So, that's all for now. If you are interested in any of my books, feel free to click the pic below to check them out or go to my website to learn more about me and what I write. 

Enjoy your summer!