Monday, June 29, 2015 | By: Lynny Prince

4th of July FREEdom FREEbie!

Hello friends! 

I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. We've flip flopped from extreme heat to cool, spring-like weather the past few weeks here in the South. I just love the cool days when I can make the front porch my office. Makes for great inspiration! 

Speaking of getting inspired, I am giving away my newest eBook Talking to Ghosts for FREEdom weekend to encourage 4th of July reading. Imagine sitting by the pool with your Kindle reading scary stories...and getting goosebumps! If you love true ghost stories, I hope you'll check it out.  

Get Talking to Ghosts FREE from
July 1- July 3rd. CLICK HERE

Things that go bump in the night just got real.

Some of the stories I share in this book include: paranormal events that happened to me while writing Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller, a visit to our home by psychic James Van Praagh and what he inspired, a missing ring that was found by a ghostly relative, and even a ghost car with no driver!

These things really happened to me, as a kid and kept happening as a grown up. I was inspired to share them after I started to jot them down for my own memory book- I thought they might inspire others, and if nothing else, let people know that they aren't crazy, these things really do happen to other people.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this FREEdom FREEbie, and please share with all your reader friends! (Remember, it is July 1 -3, so don't click yet!)

Enjoy your 4th of July and always remember, Freedom isn't free; SOME GAVE ALL!

Happy reading!

Saturday, June 06, 2015 | By: Lynny Prince

Sneak peek weekend!

Scattered Leaves: Beyond the Legend News
I am working fast and furiously to bring you the next installment of the Ghostkiller Trilogy. In the meantime, I am going back to my original idea of how I sold so many copies of Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller by offering free chapters to read from the sequel. That's right, FREE!
So many have written to me in anticipation of the sequel Beyond the Legend that I've decided to give away the first few chapters, just like I did with the first book. Exciting, huh?
What happened when Kyle, Nina, Mason and Chase got back? We all know the story didn't end because that black ball of dust with maniacal laughter followed them down the hill to the powwow, right? Hum....wonder what is in store for them now?! You'll soon find out! 
Okay, so if you want to read the first two chapters, here's what you do: Go and like my FB author page; as soon as the page reaches 650 likes, I'll post the two chapters.(It's at 641 as of this posting) That's it! Easy peasy, right?
All three books have their own FB pages, too, as does The Ghostkiller Trilogy. Betcha didn't know that, huh? Feel free to like them all! (You'll still get to read the chapters, regardless!)
Once you've read the chapters, come back and comment on any of the FB pages so I'll know. I'm excited for you to read them, and get this: two lucky winners will receive a FREE copy of Beyond the Legend when it comes out via Goodreads! 

That's all for now, so get to clickin', sharin',  and I look forward to your comments about the chapters! 

Happy Reading!