Wednesday, April 25, 2012 | By: Lynny Prince

Rocky Mountain High!

Hello again blogger fans,

I am writing this today from a hotel room in Colorado. Out my window, I see beautiful snow-capped mountains, and am enjoying a much needed break from my hectic life.

I am hole-up in a hotel room today, writing like mad. The second book in
The Ghostkiller Trilogy is coming along and I am very happy with its progress. This trip was just what I needed to move the book another step closer towards publication! I am very excited to be where I am in my career, and look forward to all the wonderful opportunities that are presenting themselves to me now.

There are two new reviews up on the Review Blog. Scattered Leaves is up to 13 five-star reviews now! Not bad for a 5 month run.

In other news, the hubby and I will be at the Gathering of Nations powwow this weekend. I am super excited! While in Albuquerque, I will be meeting with several actors who have been with me from day one with the movie. Can't wait to finally meet them face to face. I will, of course, post pictures!

Til next time, I send you love, peace and frybread grease to one and all!

Lynny Prince

Sunday, April 15, 2012 | By: Lynny Prince

Special Edition Newsletter

A special edition of my email newsletter will go out tonight at 11 PM. In it, you'll receive the latest news on the book and also details of what I'm up to. There's a lot going on, so I hope you'll join in on the fun!


Also included are all the links you'll need to submit a review, a photo of yourself for the fan page and much more!

There's another FREE KINDLE day coming up, and I want everyone who wants one to receive the eBook edition at no charge this time around. Don't miss out! Hurry and sign up for the email newsletter today!

All my best,

Lynny Prince
Monday, April 02, 2012 | By: Lynny Prince

Happy April!

Happy April, Happy Monday!

Today, my work is cut out for me. Got lots on my plate and not enough time to do it all, but I know everyone reading this says the same thing!

This past weekend I spent a lot of time researching pages for authors and today I wanna share them with you. I do have a lot of authors who frequent my blog, and like to give a heads up when I find something that will help plug your books, so here we go. I just posted this on my Facebook page:
The first 5 chapters of "Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller" are posted on Wattpad. Please go and vote for me there and become a fan if you like! Really pushing the book these days, gearing up for another FREE day for the eBook (last one) and also getting things ready for my poetry book that is almost ready to launch. It features my mother's poetry as well as my own, called "After the Glitter Fades- Wartime Poems and Other Musings." Hope you love it! Here's the link to Wattpad - if you've wondered what Scattered Leaves was all about, now's your chance to review it! ♥
Posting a few pages of your book for free is a great way to broaden your audience. People love free stuff, so giving away the eBook is another. I have found writing coaches who give away free advice that is actually GOOD advice and not just a scam to get you to buy their books. The writing community on the Internet is wonderful and there are lots of ways to better yourself and your writing out there just waiting for you to discover it! For instance:   

This Wattpad site is really great and I am enjoying finding my way around. There is also a site I discovered called Freado that is great for authors, too. It offers a 'lite' version that is free. It allows you to create widgets, email signatures and the like, and a flip book to embed on your site that's really cool. 

I have found that marketing is the hardest part of being self-published, but also that authors who sign with "the big six" have to do their own marketing, too. It's not too hard to find advice from them on the Internet, either. Just Google your favorite author and chances are, you'll find something that will help your journey along from them, as well.

So, it's short and sweet today, friends. I am busy with so much writing, I can hardly keep up! I think I have like 8 blogs now I am doing, plus 3 books! Most blogs are not launched yet, but when they are I'll post it here and on my mailing list. 

Have a great week!

Lynny Prince