Friday, September 17, 2010 | By: Lynny Prince

The Goal

Good morning everyone!

In keeping site of the goal, I plan a full day of work. Well, after I work on me, of course! Yoga at 8:30 AM and aerobics at 10 AM set the stage for my day. I work best when I've worked out first!

So, yesterday I didn't get a chance to upload any pics of the ad I am working on, but will try to later today. A close friend lost her mother and today is the viewing. My husband and I will be visiting the funeral home this evening- the same funeral home my mother and grandmother were at. This is a childhood friend, and we found it rather comforting that our mothers' were going to be buried at the same place. 

At any rate, the ad for the e-book is coming along. It is a photo of Rick Mora with the moon beside him, in blue hues, which is very cool. I might end up creating my own graphic for this tho, because I am not loving it as it is. Also, I don't want to infringe on the creator of this particular photo, which looks to be graphic art. The image of him, however, I am free to use.

So, if all goes well, there will be two blogs today! Keep your fingers crossed LOL

Best today and always!


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