Story Scent Story!

 Dear Readers,

A lot of people are asking how did I come up with the idea of Story Scents. 

It honestly started as a diversion to all this madness going on in the world! How are you coping with it? 

I wanted a way to escape the absolute horrific conditions of lockdown and this whole pandemic nightmare. For me, it was easy to get lost in my writing, but I started thinking how can I get readers deeper into the story? How can I help them escape, too?  

I was writing about the Fairy Realm in the second book in my Ghostkiller series. It's a place my character Nina travels to in the woods, far from civilization, and reality for that matter. I was describing what she experienced there; the sights, the sounds, and the smells in the Fairy Realm, and thought how cool it would be to have readers smell it, too. I've been busy creating ever since! 
The name Story Scents came a bit later when I decided to create fragrances for all my books, past and future.  (My Ghostkiller Story Scent is also out now! Both can be found on this page to the left)

Our sense of smell is most closely linked to memory, much more than our other senses. Certain smells can often evoke long-forgotten memories and can be used therapeutically, as well. The Fairy Realm is a place of awe and wonder, a place that evokes relaxation, safety, and a safe haven for Nina. What better way to escape from the drudgery of everyday life than by being propelled straight into the story? It's a whole new spin on virtual reality! 

You'll find that and more with my books and Story Scents. Click the tab on the left side of this page to order. There are more on the way and I hope you enjoy them all!

Story Scents are here! 

As always, thank you for supporting the Fiction Diva! 


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