Friday, October 01, 2010 | By: Lynny Prince

Fabulous Friday!

Hi Gang!

The weekend is almost here! WOOHOO! Hope you have big plans, or at least have scheduled time to do something YOU want to do!

So, I could bore you with my ails and talk about my sinuses that are acting up, OR I could WOW you with the uber fabulous new BOOK TRAILER I just finished! It stars the delicious Rick Mora, who has become the face of Kyle Ghostkiller! Swing on over and take a look! Scattered Leaves Book Trailer 2010.

We leave tomorrow for Wisdom of the Elders, an incredible program that is held near Mantle Rock in Western Kentucky. I plan to visit the rock, a huge structure that the Cherokee took shelter beneath during the Trail of Tears. We will sing and dance while there for the spirits, instead of drag them down with sorrowful comments and such. I have found that they like that better than dwelling on the pain of the past. Besides, I want to tell them about the 2nd book in The Ghostkiller Trilogy, Ghostkiller: Beyond the Legend. Remember, in that book, our heroes go and attempt to stop the Trail of Tears before it happens!

And so I leave you today with, as promised, the title of the third book in the series. I told you I'd post it later and so here it is:

Scattered Leaves: A Legion of Warriors

Would love your thoughts on this title! You, the fans, are what it's ALL about!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Til next time,


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