Thursday, October 07, 2010 | By: Lynny Prince

Thursday News!

Hi everyone,

My apologies for not blogging all week! I've had a really busy week and can't seem to find the time for anything I wanna do these days! Doctor appts. and such have kept me running for the most part, but now I can finally settle down...and its Thursday already LOL

A lot of people ask me how to go about getting their book published, and I have to tell you that it isn't easy. I am still having a heck of a time getting my book BACK out there, and I'm a published author already. It seems that now you have to lay all the ground work before a literary agent or publisher will even consider looking at you.

A long time ago, oh about the spring of 2006, I started building a fan base via Myspace. I met some really great people who are still friends of mine today. I met composers, actors, screenwriters, producers, directors, just all kinds of people in the business, a lot of them Natives, who believed in my story. I also met avid readers who loved the idea of the plot, people who loved Indians and hated what had happened to them.

I created ads that I put on Myspace bulletins and then I began giving out small samples of the book. Each week I would offer a chapter for them to read on the blog there. I made a book trailer using clips from other Indian movies and put it up on You Tube. People would be chomping at the bit for the next installment and doing all these things were really a great way to pique interest in the book. I sold 100 books before it ever was published!

When the book came out in January of 2008, I already had my first speaking engagement scheduled at the University near me. I spoke with fellow author, Laura Benedict, on the subject of writing thrillers and it went over really well. When I played the book trailer on the huge screen they had set up for us, people in the room gasped and then applauded at the end. I knew in my heart that the movie, when it happened, would be a huge success. The movie is my dream, and I await anxiously for it to start filming, just like you do lol

So, if you are serious about getting published, my advice is to lay the ground work. Learn how to write a query and then research literary agents and publishers in your genre and send them in. SELL YOURSELF. Make it so they can't say no! And if they do, move on to the next one until you get a yes! (J.K. Rowling was turned down 63 times for her Harry Potter novels!) You are taken only as seriously as you take yourself and you don't have a second chance to make a first impression. Order business cards, and do what I am doing here by blogging, make a book trailer, all of these things that can get you out there!

I hope this helps you to better understand what it takes to get published. Believe me, no one is going to magically come to the door and offer you a book deal. It takes hard work and dedication to get where I am now, as well as a bit of good luck! 

Well, gotta jet and get some stuff done around here! Hope you all have a fabulous day!


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