Thursday, December 02, 2010 | By: Lynny Prince

December News!!

Hi again! I am happy to report that Scattered Leaves The Movie is almost ready for funding!! It is so exciting to see this develop! It hasn't even been a year, and things are progressing nicely! Not many outside the industry know that when you offer rights to your story, it can take much longer to get to film. Avatar took 10 years to make! Now, I don't believe SL will take that long, but will be sure to keep you all posted. Don't think I could commit to 10 years worth of blogs LOL

The movie was mentioned on a Hollywood site yesterday, taking billing over Harry Potter and Cher's new movie, along with two others. Check it out!

That's all for uber busy with my sister, running around and doing Christmas stuff!

Have a great Thursday!

Love, peace and frybread grease!


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