Wednesday, August 15, 2012 | By: Lynny Prince

Happy August!

Hello Blogger friends!

I hope this finds you all doing well and enjoying what is left of summer. Where I live, the last few nights have been cool, and the extreme heat we experienced last month is gone, thank goodness! Looking forward now to fall, and the blessed cool days and changing leaves :)

My book tour starts next month and I am very excited about meeting many of the fans who have written to me!

As I may have mentioned before, I am honored to have been invited to the Mahkato Wacipi (powwow) being held next month in Minnesota.

I am really looking forward to that, as well as the Richmond powwow in Lexington, where Arvel Bird is scheduled to play this year. He is one of my fav Native American musicians and puts on one helluva show. Check him out if you get a chance!

Also, Thundering Hooves is an event near and dear to my heart. We are raising awareness to the horse and burro slaughter that continues in West Texas. I look forward to being part of this event and helping in any way I can to stop this madness!

Please see the tour page on my site for times and locations for all these events.

The book, "Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller" has a new look. I changed the font on the front and back cover so that it is easier to read. It is available now for those who still have not read it. Also, another freebie is coming up for the Kindle version. Watch here for the news or sign up on my email newsletter to be informed. Don't worry, I don't spam you on this list! There is upcoming news regarding the sequel, "Beyond the Legend," and also news about the poetry book, "After the Glitter Fades," co-written with my deceased mother, that I will share.

I wish I could reveal the most recent news concerning the movie version. Aside from mentioning the Facebook page, Ghostkiller Movie, there isn't anything I can tell you just yet. It has been a long, long road, but we are making huge strides now. I have learned many lessons, most the hard way, but I am well on my way to making this dream a reality! Johnny Depp is involved in this news of mine, but you'll just have to stay tuned, or sign up for my email newsletter to get the inside scoop as I don't reveal many details in this blog!

Hope the remainder of the summer is great for you. Till next time I wish you love, peace and frybread grease!

Lynny Prince


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