Monday, September 10, 2012 | By: Lynny Prince

New book trailer released!

Happy September! 

Can you believe it's September already? I can't. It seems the summer has flown by and has brought us one day closer to December 21, 2012 - the end! LOL I don't really believe in all that stuff and in fact, I am already booking book tour dates in 2013!

The hardback copy of the Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller is out. I put it out on Lulu, and it is expensive, but fans were asking for a hardback copy and I'm all about giving the fans what they want! Check it out!

I am super excited to share with all of you the new book trailer that was just released, too. It's hosted on Youtube and you can watch it HERE!

My mother's poetry book is almost ready to be rolled out, too. It's called, "After the Glitter Fades: Wartime Poems and Other Musings." So excited and I know she's dancing in heaven! I'll be sure and let you all know when it is available for purchase.

That's all for now. If you want to check out all the latest news, please visit my website: HERE

Til next time, I wish you love, peace and frybread grease!



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