Tuesday, February 25, 2014 | By: Lynny Prince

Ghostkiller movie news, and other tid bits!

 Hello blogger friends!

As we March into March, I have lots of news to share with you all.

The new cover for "Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller" will be out next month. This is the official release from my new publisher, Wordbranch Publishing Company.     I have not seen the cover yet, so I am as anxious as the rest of you to see it. I know it will be fantastic! This is original artwork done by the in-house artist there, so should be really interesting to see his interpretation of the story. I'll post about it as soon as it's available!

In other news, the first t-shirt fundraiser has officially closed. Thank you to everyone who supported the first campaign. We sold 33 shirts! Those who purchased a shirt have the option of choosing from two perks; An autographed copy of Gerald Auger in "Hell on Wheels", or a phone call from Gerald himself. Please contact Gerald Auger and specify which perk you have chosen. The t-shirts will be sent to you within two weeks from today.

There are many fundraisers on the way, and another t-shirt design is already up and running. You can order and check it out here.  This t-shirt features artwork by our graphic artist Craiger Martin and photographer Rocky Marshall, and is just spectacular. By far, my favorite shirt to date!

We will be doing these campaigns for the next several months to raise the money to develop your Ghostkiller Movie. This is YOUR movie, as you readers have demanded to see it on the big screen, and, well, I give my readers what they want! LOL But, it's not only readers of the story I wrote who want to see this happen, it's also people who want to rewrite the past the way things should have happened for Native Americans. I cannot emphasize enough that while this is a fictitious story, it is based on TRUE history, something that has been swept under the rug for 150 years. This is a chance for us all to make it right, by imprinting a different outcome on time. We won't know if doing this made a difference until we all cross over into the next life, but if we ARE successful, if we change things for THEIR reality over there, imagine the peace that will prevail for our ancestors who are waiting for us? This may sound crazy to some of you, but this is what drives me to make the Ghostkiller film.

The official Indiegogo crowd funding campaign will start next month. I look forward to getting that started! Soooo excited to make this happen and I hope you are, too.

Here are a couple of links for you to check out in the meantime:

Official site: www.ghostkillermovie.com

Facebook fan page

Thanks so much for all your support!

Til next time I wish you love, peace and frybread grease!



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