Wednesday, January 25, 2017 | By: Lynny Prince
Don't be afraid
To shed a tear
A tear does not resemble fear
To me, a tear is falling for
A reason I cannot ignore
My eyes are shedding visions lost
Pictures they must forget and toss
Away with no regrets
Pictures I must forget
Of land and sea of blue and green
Traded for a paper bill
Like a crucifix on capitol hill
Sacrificed and is now gone
Mother Nature will now break that bond
So cry if you must, I'm crying right now
For the things we lost and the reasons how
A new world is emerging
A new birth that shakes with yearning
When a mother rejects what is not good
She'll terrorize the neighborhood
To protect the innocent and young
And her wrath can never be undone
So take heart, my fellow water protectors
There are factions at work beyond our control
But the spiritual realm is the real collectors
And will one day come to collect their toll.
©2017 Lynny Prince


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