Friday, October 21, 2016 | By: Lynny Prince

October Contest!

I am giving away a signed copy of Taking to Ghosts, my book of paranormal encounters, complete with FULL COLOR photos of spooks and specters I have personally encountered. For a small donation (suggested $5.00), your name will be thrown in the hat for a SIGNED copy. (retail value $15.99)
All proceeds will benefit Standing Rock and the bi-weekly runs we are taking there to deliver  supplies. If you love to read, love  ghost stories, and photos of spooks  and specters, this book is for you!  Click the link for your chance to  enter and win!
 Winner announced on Halloween night!Please come join in the fun for a great cause, and be sure to share with all your friends! <3]

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 | By: Lynny Prince
Hello September!

Can you believe summer is almost over? I am thrilled! Although I love summer, I am super heat intolerant! Bring on the fall, ya'll!!

So, with fall is on the way I get really domesticated. I start baking and making treats and usually gain weight by Christmas. But this year is different! 

I want treats that are easy, delicious, and of course, gluten free! I have found a treasure trove of scrumptious recipes on Pinterest and am pinning as fast as I can. If you're like me and are looking for treats that won't leave you loosening your belt, stop over and take a look at what I've found. 

Cooler days and warm sweaters are just around the corner; I don't want to spend another winter maintaining my weight, it's time to lose it! Check out what I've found here. 

Also, wanted to let you all know that I am getting back to my writing after taking the summer hiatus that I take every year. Look for some new publications soon!

Til next time, keep your words never know which ones you'll have to eat! 


Saturday, July 23, 2016 | By: Lynny Prince

Happy July and Saying Goodbye to Facebook

Happy July! Well, July is almost over now but anyway.....

So, I've said goodbye to Facebook. Don't know if I'll go back or not. At this point, there is just too much going on in my life to keep up. Plus, I have grown weary of the social media circus. 

Everyone is brave on Facebook. They do and say things they would never dream of doing or saying to someone's face. (Well, some might but I like to think the majority wouldn't) The mean and cruel things I see there was part of my reason for leaving. My block list had hundreds of names....what kind of fun social media experience was I really having? 

The horrific photos and videos people post was another reason. Yes, you can turn off autoplay for videos, but even reading the headline was enough to invoke a reaction in my PTSD. (I have made it no secret that I am a sufferer) Dogs skinned alive, videos of people murdered on live feeds, shootings, racists starting trouble because you're too white, too black, not enough Indian blood et's just too much. I can't stand it anymore and so I left.

I also deleted several pages. I've taken down the genealogy page and a few other pages, as well. Matthew is no longer featured anywhere on Facebook. We are not Facebook stars, nor do we want to be. 

How will this affect book sales? Selling books is how I make money! (God knows I have worked tirelessly doing my own marketing for the past 10 years on social media.) I don't know how it will affect things. Book sales are down and have been for a while. I stopped blogging. I stopped marketing. I stopped publishing books. I put Scattered Leaves back out in late winter but never marketed it, really. I was burnt out on the hell I went through getting the rights back and am still recovering. Book sales for that particular book have been down since Sept. of 2013 when I signed up with a publisher that did not market it. I went from making a few hundred dollars a month to royalty payments of 10 -20 dollars every 3 months. Due to the stress from that, and a host of other things, I dropped out of school this past April. 

The good news is that I am still alive. I am once again taking care of myself. And yes, I am still represented on Facebook. 

I have the Author Lynny Prince page that I will occasionally update with book news. And I will post on the main Lynny Prince page occasionally, too, like when I publish a new post here. 

The bottom line is that if people really want to keep up with what I am up to, this blog is going to be the best way to do it. Blogging is free, there are no ads popping up in the news feed, no horrfic pictures, no hate speech, no racisits lurking to start trouble, nothing. It is a clean page to write what is going on in my life in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Plus, I post tips, tricks, and hacks for just about anything in life that needs a tip, trick or hack; Publishing, health issues, diet, all kinds of things.

And it won't get lost in your news feed! 

I hope you all will come here and keep up with my and my love's adventures. It will be like old can even leave comments LOL

Thursday, May 05, 2016 | By: Lynny Prince

New releases!

Hey there!

I am super excited to announce the release of the revised version of my novel Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller. Remember, this is a revised version of the story, complete with new cover! Any version prior to this one is outdated. Also, there will no longer be any free Kindle versions given away. I mentioned this in my last email and said I would explain. Here goes:
 Yes, I am changing my giveaway promotions. This makes me sad because I really enjoyed giveaways, but it is necessary due to theft. Apparently, when you give away your eBook via KDP select, there are people who think that gives them carte blanche to give them away, too, or worse, sell their copy. Of course, this can happen whether you give away a Kindle version or sell one, but my guess is it is less likely to happen if someone actually buys it. Anyway, any giveaways I have now will be through my website or Goodreads. 

The eBook is out now, but if you're like me and love the smell of ink, get a paperback here! 
Also, An Open Letter to My Abuser the book of raw, unedited letters from survivors of abuse is OUT NOW! 

  This was a really tough one to create and the letters are so heartfelt and real, it is a wonderful tool for recovery. Highly recommended by those in the mental health field. 

  Get your copy here or here. 
   As always, thanks for your support! I hope you love the books as much as I love writing them! 
Til next time, happy reading! 

All my best,
Lynny Prince
Thursday, March 31, 2016 | By: Lynny Prince

Spring Update!

Greetings Ghostkiller Trilogy friends!

I hope you survived the cold winter and are eagerly awaiting spring like me. I have lots of news to share in this update so let's get started.

I am excited to announce the release of the revised version of my novel Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller, complete with new cover. There have been 3 covers thus far, but the story has remained the same. This is a revised version of the story, packed with more excitement and adventure (If you can imagine that!)

Any version prior to this one is outdated. FYI: There will be no freebies of any of my eBooks anymore due to piracy issues. More about that in another post.

The anticipation of  book II in the Ghostkiller Trilogy series is building, as well. Scattered Leaves: Beyond the Legend  is set to roll out in the fall of 2016. I am hard at work on this sequel that has been in the works for 6 long years! Won't be too much longer, I promise!

Also in the chute for a 2016 release is Open Letter to my Abuser -- real letters from real survivors who have bared their souls and cleansed their hearts through the written word. Stories of triumph over tragedy fill these pages.

In keeping with the idea that those who read this book could possibly still be in a bad situation, this book includes contact information for help.
This book will be released May 1.

Talking to Ghosts II is set for a summer release. It will feature more ghost stories and creepy photos guaranteed to send chills down your spine! The spirits indeed have a story to tell, and they are telling their side of things loud and clear. The first in this series, Talking to Ghosts, is available now in both eBook and paperback (for those who love the smell of ink like me!)

I hope you pick one of these books up for your summer reading.
If you're like me, you're tired of the snow and cold and there's nothing that a good book can't cure!

Ah, the lazy days of spring and summer....I picture lounging in a swing on the front porch with a glass of sweet iced tea or homemade lemonade, strains of old country classics floating faintly around from some far away radio....bring on the warm weather for this girl! There's nothing a good book can't cure!

Happy Spring!