Thursday, November 23, 2017 | By: Author Lynny Prince

Ride it Out News!

I just received an email that my video Ride it Out - A Song for Slaughter-Bound Horses won the 2017 Equus Film Award for best music video short in New York this past weekend! (My husband just had surgery so we were unable to attend.) I am so excited! I will post the award when I receive it, along with photos, of course!

I am beyond thrilled that the video is impacting the world in this way -- that is why it was made!

Special thanks to Neta Rhyne at Thundering Hooves for inviting me to the first Thundering Hooves event back in 2012 where it all started. If it weren't for her and the ladies at Animals' Angels, I would not have ever written the song. Thank you, ladies!

The horse featured with actress Nina D'Miller is Laura Little Foot, owned by Joyce, Fred and Katie Elsler. The actor portraying Nina's father is Fred Elsler. We could not have made this video without them. THANK YOU ALL!
We recently lost Laura due to an illness. May she rest in peace in Horse Heaven forever <3

The horse on the cover is Socks, owned by 
Cheif Arvol Looking Horse of Green Grass, South Dakota. 


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