Tuesday, March 13, 2018 | By: Author Lynny Prince

As many of you know, I have several books in the works. Many new reads will be coming out during the holiday season, and I'm super excited about that. I have been working hard this winter to finish up all these stories and am close to the finish line! 

Today, I'm posting a synopsis for each of them. Leave  comment and me know which one sounds the most intriguing to you! 


In 1962, Marilyn Monroe died of an apparent suicide. Or was it?
In the year leading up to her death, she kept a diary filled with names, dates, places, and details about her life - all lost until now.

Some 50 years later, young Hollywood event planner Shalimar Capri discovers the diary amidst renovations in Grauman's Chinese theater where she is tasked with coordinating an after Oscar party. Shortly after the discovery, Marilyn's restless spirit begins to communicate with Shalimar who uncovers details in the diary that could bring corrupt and powerful men to justice for Marliyn's death.

Shalimar soon realizes there are those still alive who will stop at nothing to keep the secrets the diary holds locked away forever - even murder.


Back from the past where new treaties were struck for the Sioux, Kyle and Nina Ghostkiller struggle with new revelations regarding Kyles time-traveling powers and Nina's past — a past Kyle failed to disclose. Angry over the deception, Nina strikes out on her own. Traveling to Kentucky, she struggles to unravel family secrets but instead finds herself stranded in time where dark entities lurk for revenge and threaten to seal the door to the past forever. 
Can Kyle save Nina before the time portal closes for good, or will he lose her forever in the past?


Are tattoos the mark of the beast spoken about in the Bible? 

Heaven is amassing an army in preparation for a war the likes of which have never been witnessed in all of history -- or eternity. Recruits must be young, strongwilled, popular, dead, and ....TATTOOED. 


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