Tuesday, September 28, 2010 | By: Author Lynny Prince

Tuesday, a day of inventivness!

Hello all,

Once again, I find myself sitting here at my desk, contemplating the news of the day. It seems the are three literary agents interested in me and my work! THREE!! I go from 0 to 3 in a day...WOW! Now, to impress them enough to generate a contract from one of them....that's the goal!

I re-wrote a short bio this morning and have been working on beefing up the website, making sure the hype is front and center. They say you never get a second chance at a first impression!

I just returned from a trip to the grocery store and am now settling down to work on this ad. I also am working on that piece I wrote yesterday announcing the leaves' return this fall...that was really cool if I do say so myself!

I'll be posting some things later today, I promise! Go to the FB page to see it there first!

Have a great day all!


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