Friday, February 18, 2011 | By: Author Lynny Prince

Words from the Other Side

Hau Mitakuyapi-

"While the essence of the past is still fresh in our minds, we must change it in a way that will impact all people. To wait another minute longer is to allow the wrongs to continue to deplete space behind the veil, something that we as a human race cannot allow to happen. We CAN change the past. When our grandfathers and grandmothers died, their spirits were trapped in that circumstance. It is only through our deeds of good will that the spirits of the wrongly departed will be released from the chains of their circumstance; chains that bind us all in the black mass of wrong doing. The same black mass that haunts us in "Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller."
-Kyle Ghostkiller

While listening to a sample of the movie score this morning, it struck me that this is really happening. This small town Kentucky girl is involved in something much bigger than she could have ever imagined. Spirits have been with me my whole life, and I am actually writing a memoir of how they have manifested themselves to me. There are gifts that they have bestowed upon me that I will never reveal publicly, but I will say that they help me write, which is evident from the above piece.

This journey is one of simple discipline. The spirits are patient with me and do their best to show me who, what, when, where and how. Through prayer and ceremony, I've learned how to listen. But it did not come easy. This burning desire in my heart to make things right for the People is something that has haunted me since before the book was first conceived. An elder told me its because I carry DNA that I hold in very high esteem and my own people desire to be set free from the chains of their circumstance.

I do not reveal family names online, or even my own Lakota name, because as soon as you post things like that online, it becomes someone else's name or family. Its important to keep these things to yourself and protect them and hold them in the highest possible regard that you can. Your family deserves it. The spirits deserve the respect and you owe it to yourself to keep these things sacred. I do not have a Cherokee name that I know of, tho I do know the name of one of my earliest grandmothers who was Cherokee. This blood comes from my mothers' father.

I am but a humble servant to our Creator. Anyone can do what I have done with this book, all you have to have is the drive and desire to make things happen, remove "can't" from your vocabulary, and above all else, learn to listen to the Tunkasilas.

Who owns the past? Our ancestors do. And they deserve to be heard.

The Spirits Have a Story to Tell....and they tell it in The Ghostkiller Trilogy


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