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IN THE SPOTLIGHT - Author Miriam Pia, guest blogger

How did I get published? Well, in reality, Alethia Publishing of India is bringing out my first novel within the upcoming 12 months. They are a real and small publisher. It is taking about 5 years for this novel to find a publisher. I had an agent for one year. That helped me put the novel out to Kindle owners at Amazon.com. Thanks to email, the Writer’s Market and the PDF, I was able to have my novel’s manuscript treated like so many others: it was politely rejected 30 times and rudely rejected a few times before being accepted by a real publisher. The other successful authors report that this is pretty normal, and nothing to get upset over. In that respect, its like American men trying to get laid. Even though women like that sort of thing, most of the women are going to say No, either politely or rudely MOST OF THE TIME.

In the very first place, I was published in small newsletters - including one put together by Edie Zsuzsics who worked as the Philosophy Dept secretary where and when I helped out as a sort of ‘work study intern’ for the professors who were around 50 years old at the time. Her Write Way Newsletter published one of my poems and short stories.

Time Between Times and Pagan Dawn published me a few times back in the 1990s and at the turn of the Millenia. In 2003 I had a breakthrough and actually got paid. Its 2011 and I’m still working on getting enough to = earning a middle class living, but was upgraded to ‘paid writer’ for a while now.

The books: Be Diversity Competent! By Jermaine Davis, The Complete Guide to Investing in Mutual Funds by Alan Northcott, Moving to the USA by Expatriot Focus are books that I ghostwrote 30%+ of. Their idea. My favorite was the one for Jermaine but my favorite for pay was one I can’t even mention due to confidentiality agreements.

That's it. Most of my contracts I found at Guru.com

Miriam Pia
Larrison, Okrongli & Smith

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