Friday, December 21, 2012 | By: Author Lynny Prince

Dakota 38 +2 Ride 2012

Today we stared early, with breakfast at city hall. The Dakota Oyate here have really been taking good care of us and feeding us so well!

 The thermometer read zero, so we bundled up for what would be a really cold ride!
After breakfast, we went to round up the horses. There are about 50 horses here right now, and the group, as well as the people joining the ride, are growing everyday. I remember last year, there were many horses and riders that rode into Mankato on the 26th. I can't believe I am here for it early!

Today we only rode 10 miles, and I rode the last 5. My husband Matt has two favorite horses here, Socks and War Dancer, both owned by Chief Arvol Looking Horse. Matt rode Socks the first 5 miles, and then jumped on someone else's horse and gave me Socks. Socks is a big boy, part Percheron, and sitting on him is like sitting on a couch. So comfy! We trotted most of the 5 miles, and there were times when I rode beside the Chief. I was in my own world, however, singing a prayer song with tears streaming down my face the whole way. What an honor it was to be there, riding for the 38 +2 who have come to mean so much to me.

The ride ended much too soon, and we circled up and sang a prayer song before we trailered the horses back to the farm they are staying at.

Tomorrow is an off day, so we will be back out on Sunday. I really am looking forward to riding again. The time that I rode Socks was magical for me. And as I rode beside the Chief and among the people, I had an overwhelming sense of belonging like I have never felt before. This is a ride for healing and reconciliation, and I really felt a healing pass through me as Socks and I trotted through the streets of Redwood Falls. So blessed!