Monday, March 18, 2013 | By: Author Lynny Prince

A Few Writing Guidelines

I am way behind on the books I should have already completed, but this past year has been a whirlwind that did not leave much time to write. I am home now, and have been for weeks, but still the words do not come.

While going through my Kindle and all the ebooks I have downloaded, I am revisiting a few that I hope will help me with my writing.

I have collected a good amount of writing books, and one in particular seems to have a good handle on the process of novel writing.

I was thrilled to read the following entries from the book "The 90 day Novel" by Alan Watt. Hope it helps you, too. 

  •  There are no rules. 
  • We cannot make a mistake. 
  • The story lives fully and completely within us.  
  • We are uniquely qualified to tell our story. 
  • This is a process of learning to trust our inner voice. It's not about being a good student. 
  • Our idea of the story is not the whole story. It's not that our ideas are wrong, but rather that through inquiry, a more fully realized story emerges. 
  • The desire to write is connected to the desire to evolve. Our fears are a way into our story.
  •  What our hero wants is connected to an idea of what it will give him. Example: "When I win the marathon I will gain respect." 
  • Story is about transformation. 
  • As writers, our job is to track the beats in a compelling and believable way that leads to a transformation. 
  • There is a dilemma for our hero at the heart of our story. This is where the tension lies. 
  • Character suggests plot. 
  • The thrill of creation must be its own reward. 
  • This process is like a developing Polaroid photo. Over time, through inquiry, our story comes into focus.

    Watt, Alan (2010-10-07). The 90-Day Novel: Unlock the story within (p. 28). The 90-Day Novel Press. Kindle Edition.

Check out his ebook and let me know how your writing is progressing, or techniques you use when you write!

Til next time,