Tuesday, March 05, 2013 | By: Lynny Prince

Is Loving Yourself the Real Answer to Happiness?

We are all on the never-ending quest for acceptance...that love that threatens to consume us when a love affair ends...or the unrequited love that makes a stalker out of an ordinary person. Oh! To have that love returned! To be filled with it and consumed by it....to have that special someone look into your eyes deeply, passionately...to look at us as though they could eat us for lunch!

Every one of us wants that. Right?

We are all on that quest....and when we think we've found it, we revel in it, and wallow ourselves in that newness of it...that all-consuming passion that channels through the two of you until it threatens to overtake your very breath. Do you want that? Love, devotion, feeling, passion, completeness...do we really want that?

Or do we want someone to love us like we wish we could? Are you capable of unconditional love? Are the things you want out of your relationship simple? Do you want too much? Are you high maintenance or do you just require the simple things?  These are certainly questions worth asking yourself, don't you think?

I am a simple person myself; just love me and show me that you do. I think I speak for most women when I say that a little goes a long way. Show up at the door after a long day at work and have a single flower that you picked yourself, just for me. One you picked from the side of the road, for all I care. Take me in your arms and kiss me hello with passion, like you missed me, then watch me drop to my knees to say thank you in ways you only dreamed about. It really is that simple. Am I wrong here? Ladies, feel free to chime in anytime.

Are you willing to give up everything for that lover who is the end all/be all for you? Will you actively look for that passion if it lacks in your relationship? Are you still longing for that feeling that has gone away or was never there to start with?

All in all, if we chose to live our lives with someone forever, and if the love is dying, we must do all we can to save it. My mother wrote me a note one time that I still have to this day. She told me "your marriage is like a diamond...keep it shined and never let it rust...." That's what I do. And if I have to say the same things to him over and over again to remind him of what I need, so be it. Those who love our relationship take heed: It takes WORK to have what we have. If you have it, polish it, never let it rust. After all, diamonds are a girl's best friend <3

Lynny Prince writes literary fiction and is a published author and poet. 
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