Thursday, December 20, 2018 | By: Lynny Prince

Information, please!

Hello friends,

Ride it Out - A Song for Slaughter-Bound horses is getting a lot of attention lately and that's a good thing! The purpose for the music video was to raise awareness to the horrors of horse slaughter through the eyes of the horses in a fact-based video for the masses. It has gotten over 50,000 views on Youtube!

In 2017, it won for best music video short in New York City at the Equus Film Festival and this year it is being entered in the Equus International Film Festival. I am also proud to announce the song has been chosen as part of the soundtrack for Their Last Ride, a documentary by Neta Rhyne at Thundering Hooves.  I am so excited!

At the end of the Ride it Out video, it suggests stopping by here to learn how you can help stop the inhumane practice of horse slaughter. As I blog, these important messages move down the list of entries, so I wanted to take a moment today to post links in a new entry that would show at the top of my page for those who are searching for that information:

The event that prompted the writing of Ride it Out started here with Thundering Hooves
Visit Animals Angels to learn about horse slaughter and how to stop it
Find your rep through the society of cruelty to animals-- state representatives look up here

The voice of the American people is invaluable to exact change-- if enough people raise their voices, we will be heard!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.  --Margaret Mead

Happy holidays to all! 

All my best,
Lynny Prince

Sunday, November 18, 2018 | By: Lynny Prince

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, friends!

I just love this time of year! Celebrating love of family and the blessings in life are something we do all year around, but this time of year really centers on that, at least for me. It's not about presents or how much money you spend, it's about showing loved ones you care and celebrating The One the season is really all about.

So, from our family to yours,  Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! May the season bring love and peace to you all! 
Tuesday, March 13, 2018 | By: Lynny Prince

As many of you know, I have several books in the works. Many new reads will be coming out during the holiday season, and I'm super excited about that. I have been working hard this winter to finish up all these stories and am close to the finish line! 

Today, I'm posting a synopsis for each of them. Leave  comment and me know which one sounds the most intriguing to you! 


In 1962, Marilyn Monroe died of an apparent suicide. Or was it?
In the year leading up to her death, she kept a diary filled with names, dates, places, and details about her life - all lost until now.

Some 50 years later, young Hollywood event planner Shalimar Capri discovers the diary amidst renovations in Grauman's Chinese theater where she is tasked with coordinating an after Oscar party. Shortly after the discovery, Marilyn's restless spirit begins to communicate with Shalimar who uncovers details in the diary that could bring corrupt and powerful men to justice for Marliyn's death.

Shalimar soon realizes there are those still alive who will stop at nothing to keep the secrets the diary holds locked away forever - even murder.


Back from the past where new treaties were struck for the Sioux, Kyle and Nina Ghostkiller struggle with new revelations regarding Kyles time-traveling powers and Nina's past — a past Kyle failed to disclose. Angry over the deception, Nina strikes out on her own. Traveling to Kentucky, she struggles to unravel family secrets but instead finds herself stranded in time where dark entities lurk for revenge and threaten to seal the door to the past forever. 
Can Kyle save Nina before the time portal closes for good, or will he lose her forever in the past?


Are tattoos the mark of the beast spoken about in the Bible? 

Heaven is amassing an army in preparation for a war the likes of which have never been witnessed in all of history -- or eternity. Recruits must be young, strongwilled, popular, dead, and ....TATTOOED. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017 | By: Lynny Prince

Ride it Out News!

I just received an email that my video Ride it Out - A Song for Slaughter-Bound Horses won the 2017 Equus Film Award for best music video short in New York this past weekend! (My husband just had surgery so we were unable to attend.) I am so excited! I will post the award when I receive it, along with photos, of course!

I am beyond thrilled that the video is impacting the world in this way -- that is why it was made!

Special thanks to Neta Rhyne at Thundering Hooves for inviting me to the first Thundering Hooves event back in 2012 where it all started. If it weren't for her and the ladies at Animals' Angels, I would not have ever written the song. Thank you, ladies!

The horse featured with actress Nina D'Miller is Laura Little Foot, owned by Joyce, Fred and Katie Elsler. The actor portraying Nina's father is Fred Elsler. We could not have made this video without them. THANK YOU ALL!
We recently lost Laura due to an illness. May she rest in peace in Horse Heaven forever <3

The horse on the cover is Socks, owned by 
Cheif Arvol Looking Horse of Green Grass, South Dakota. 

Happy Holidays!

Hello friends of the blog!

Just a short note to wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

I will spend the winter writing and attempt to finish these two books I have started.

What are your winter plans? Leave a comment! I love reading your posts!

Til next time,
Lynny Prince

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 | By: Lynny Prince

Almost Fall Ya'll!

Hi fellow readers!

Just wanted to give a quick update to the sequel to Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller titled Beyond the Legend. I am knee deep in writing and will soon be ready to start pre-orders!
Meanwhile, here's a little taste of the story....just a little! Enjoy!

Kyle and Macedone were racing through the woods towards the clearing where Nina stood. She caught glimpses of them through the trees; a flash of white mane, a booted foot in a stirrup, glints of blue and amber amid brown and white patches of horsehair. Macedone nickering as he ran, calling to her horse Black who called back, but didn't move. She would not leave Nina's side. Nina stood frozen to the spot. How was she going to face Kyle with memories of his lies? How could she face him after leaving like she did? She had been angry, but now all she felt was blessed relief. Jack had saved her from the Frenchman, but could Kyle save her from the past?
Scattered Leaves: Beyond the Legend ©2017 Lynny Prince Pre-orders available soon!